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It’s natural that after some time, your sofas and upholstery could become worn out, old and dirty, and therefore may begin to emit a foul and unhealthy odor. At DOUBLE CLEAN, we’ll give your home or office a major revamp with clean, fresh, and nice-smelling sofas and upholstery that keeps your family healthy and happy. DOUBLE CLEAN is London’s most trusted and reliable professionals for all types and sizes of sofa and upholstery cleaning for both domestic and commercial clients. And that’s because we’re fully equipped with the right formula, technicians, tools, and customer care culture to give you 100% satisfaction. Besides, we don’t just clean; we provide complete restoration of your sofas and upholstery, giving them richer and brighter colors, improved softness, and protection against stains and dust in the future. Whatever kind and fabric of the sofa and upholstery you have, we can deep clean it safely and efficiently.

What Types of Sofas and Upholstery Can We Clean at DOUBLE CLEAN?
At DOUBLE CLEAN, we can provide the best quality and efficient cleaning of all types of sofas and upholstery, curtains, and rugs in London. These include cotton, synthetic, suede, wool, leather, plush, acrylic, viscose, linen, silk, nubuck, organic fiber, and chenille. With us, you can be confident that you’re in safe and competent hands.

How Do We Ensure Your Sofas and Upholstery Are Thoroughly Cleaned And Treated?
At DOUBLE CLEAN, we use modern and proven cleaning and treatment technologies to make your sofas and upholstery look and feel fresh, stylish, soft, and fragrant again. And to achieve that, our trained and fully-equipped cleaning experts follow a simple formula. First, they inspect your upholstery and test it to determine the specific type of material it is made of., they use the relevant stain removers to pre-treat the toughest and oldest stains or dirty patches on your sofa or upholstery.
Then they decide what type of cleaning method will be the most effective considering the type, age, and dye: steam or the dry method. After the full cleaning and treatment of your sofa and upholstery, we will carefully inspect it one last time. This is to ensure that the job is 100% done and there is no dust, spots, termites, dirt, or harmful microorganisms and allergens anywhere. We also rid your upholstered furniture of any bad odors and add a risk-free, dry deodorant solution. If you request it, we can also apply a fabric protector to add an extra layer to the surface of your sofa or upholstery. It serves as a protective coat against any further stains and dust in the future.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning in London

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in London

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