We follow three methods for carpet cleaning. We keep in mind the requirements and obligations of our customers and clean the carpets accordingly. Our carpet cleaning staff is very experienced in the service and we use modern and state of the art machines to clean your carpets. We use bio-degradable chemicals which have no effect on the environment and on your premises.

Carpet Cleaning

A clean environment is loved by all and is highly recommended for offices and commercial places. A cleaner environment offers better prospects for a person to concentrate on his job and work with composure. The offices are cleaned and dusted regularly by the in-house cleaning services but when it comes to cleaning the carpets, it takes a toll on them as they neither have the required equipment nor do they have proper know-how about how to get the carpets cleaned.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Sofa and upholstery are among some of the furniture’s that are rarely cleaned. People almost leave them daily while cleaning their home owing to the huge amount of dust it may contain. A sofa may have a leather skin or a velvet skin. The leather-skinned sofa gets discolored easily but when treated with a dilute white vinegar solution, it loses dust and regains its original color. The velvet clothed sofa is quite different.

Upholstery Cleaning

Most stains vanish completely if you act fast and wash the garment normally, but some are more difficult to remove and require special attention. When it comes to varieties of carpet being used, then there are a plethora of options available in the market and each type of carpet demands specific cleaning techniques. Our experts excel at using techniques that not only cleans the carpet.

Stain Removal

We are known for our ability to provide professional and affordable service to all our customers whose tenants recently moved out of London. We understand how dirty an apartment can look when your tenant moves out, and you need another in days, which is why we ensure that we deliver our services with speed and accuracy. People of London rely on Double Clean as the best end of the tenancy cleaning company, because we have been in the industry for the past 20 years.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Double Clean specializes in fine oriental rug cleaning and restoration.

Rug Cleaning and Repair

Double Clean specializes in oven cleaning.

Oven Cleaning

Is your London business in need of regularly scheduled floor cleaning and maintenance? We want to help you in upholding your business’ reputation for providing a clean and tidy workspace.

Hard Floor Cleaning

We use commercial-grade equipment that cleans your surfaces correctly and efficiently. Our pressure washers are petrol driven, and we bring all our equipment. All we require from you is access to a tap.

Pressure Washing

Double Clean provides Emergency Cleaning services at short notice.

Emergency Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

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